Bar in NOVOCAINA club 
Glass partitions with traveling doors in "Rzeczpospolita" office in Warsaw 
Spiral staircase in a private apartment in Warsaw 
Balustrade in privare house in Wroclaw 
Balustrades in private house in Wroclaw-Bielany 
Balustrades in residential building in Wiesbaden 
Balustrades in sports hall in Lancut 
Stairs and balustrade in private apartment in Warsaw 
Stairs and balustrades i private house in Leszno 
Swimming pool in the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw 
Heat and power plant in Wroclaw 
Law Department of Wroclaw University - the new building 
Marshal Office in Wroclaw 
Exhibition stand for the fair in Poznan 
Stairs in a private house in Wroclaw-Klecina 
Stairs in a private house in Kalisz